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In memory of Traci Hardig.  A beautiful friend, met at the 1st Pitch for the Cure....


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2014 Team Registration

Registration is closed.... 

Hope you'll join us for our 10th anniversary event on June 5-7, 2015!

Team Registration Details


Pitch for the Cure is set up as an open tournament with a 3-game minimum.  This is a girls' fastpitch USSSA "DOUBLE" NIT tournament for 6U T-ball or Coach Pitch, 8U machine pitch and 10U through 18U teams. 

Check out the USSSA points chart to see how NIT events collect points.  Then Points are DOUBLEd on top of that for Pitch for the Cure!

Curious on how the game format plays out?
Check here!

Best of luck to all our
competitors and coaches!

Ways to Register


Teams will be added to the USSSA tournament listings after registration forms and payment has been received. 

Registration options are:


    Print and Mail:

    2014 Print Form

    (Mailing Address is on the form)


At this time, paying online (below) is the only way to ensure registration for PFTC 2014.

2.  SECURE ONLINE PAYMENT with a PayPal account, Credit Card or online check. 
The print form IS ALSO required for complete registration.  email attach it to
: 2014teams@pitchforthecure.org.

tHEN Visit PITCH FOR THE CURE SHOP to pay online.

  • Registration and Gate fees are rolled into one advance payment of $400.

  • Guests will NOT be asked to stop and pay GATE FEES at any of our PFTC parks!  These fees are paid during the team registration process.

  • Prize Package:

    • First place teams in each fastpitch bracket will receive matching softball helmets with face guards for the entire team!

    • Full paid entry will be made to the 2014 USSSA World Series for the 1st place teams in each age bracket, if they choose to compete and qualify.

    • Half paid entry will be made to the 2014 USSSA World Series for the 2nd place teams in each age bracket, if they choose to compete and qualify.

    • Individual awards are presented for 1st-4th place teams.

  • Post-game data will be available at www.usssa.com.

  • Pitch for the Cure provides all game balls.

  • Scorekeepers will be provided when available.  When not provided, a representative from each team will be asked to "man" the scorebox.  Home teams will serve as the official book and visiting teams will operate the scoreboard. 

  • Coaches, players and parents can be guaranteed to have event shirts in their choice of colors before we sell out!  Pre-order these online or mail-in by the deadline date and we'll have your team order ready to pick up at the event.

  • All attending players will receive a gift bag with items donated by Pitch for the Cure supporters!

  • Please check out the other team and individual activities that are taking place this weekend.  (Some require pre-registration or additional fees.)

Team registration for this event is completely 1st come, 1st served based on payment received.
 PFTC ALWAYS FILLS UP MONTHS IN ADVANCE!  Space fills by physical field space not by slots in any brackets. 

If this is a tourney that you want to play...

Team Challenge Donation
...or "Teach your players THIS important sign."

In addition to team registration fees (which cover gate fees), we challenge each team to raise funds to give directly to Ozark Komen for the Cure.  We refer to this as your "Team Challenge Donation" which comes due at the tournament.  (Fundraising Tips)  Since 2006, we've collectively donated $165,000 to Komen Ozark.  Our goal for 2014 is $25,000.  How do we get there?  This would include each team fundraising and contributing to the Team Challenge Donations and the Non-Profit for Community Athletes donation of 20% of profits PLUS other contests & activity funds that are fully reserved for Komen.

We present An award to the team with the highest Team Challenge Donation in each bracket plus an overall Grand Champion Award Winner!  These winners get their award plus are listed on our site.  Because Team Challenge Donations are direct donations without a service, they are 100% tax-deductible as directed by law.  

Another critical purpose of this challenge and part of our event mission is for the girls to see HOW influential they can be in making a difference.  It takes every girl on the team to play the game, just like this challenge.  It's fabulous to come together as a softball community and Play the sport they love (we all love) and make a difference.  Where the real empowerment comes is when these girls learn that by reaching out into their neighborhoods, schools, extended families, local businesses or online,.... just outside of their circle of friends....they can find a voice that brings real change. 

It's Just like diving -a bit further- for that ball and catching it for the out.  for that reaching out to others in the name of community service brings undeniable change.  Just like everything else in life, It is SO much better for them to become comfortable with doing this in the younger years, knowing that they can do it!  Don't we owe it to our girls to guide them and reinforce this lesson now? 

We take them to softball practices every week.  They will ALWAYS be part of a community, town, state, country, environment, etc. and most likely always part of some sort of organized group.  Please step up to the plate and accept the challenge to be a part of this activity with your players.  These opportunities are not as easily accessible nor as highly prioritized as they once were "back in the day".  society celebrates the leaders so let's show our youth how to be community leaders in addition to their other dreams.  Let's practice, practice, practice their leadership skills and good citizenship, too!

Remember that these activities make great additions to college applications, especially for those girls that step up and take on leadership roles with their fundraising.  Other programs (yes, including for younger girls) also like to see this kind of work on applications.  These programs might be camps, scholarships, limited attendance programs (of all types), internships, classes, honor programs, clubs, etc. 

We love hearing your stories!  Thanks for sharing.

Pre-order your event shirts!
Guarantee size & colors for your team.
Pick them up all at once at team check-in!

Order deadline May 18th

2014 shirt images coming soon!
Each team must be registered with USSSA for the 2014 season prior to the PFTC bracketing process, as well as have a full USSSA roster posted online.  You can register your team at the USSSA website at  USSSA Create UserID. or include $30 with your Pitch for the Cure Team Registration Form.  we can get you set up in the USSSA system and the userid/password will be emailed to you.  <-- (This is no longer an option.)  We appreciate your cooperation with These requirements.  Preparing brackets and other details for an event this size begins many weeks/months prior to the expected date for bracket release. 

Each team's registration confirms a release of any persons involved with Pitch for the Cure, the Non-Profit for Community Athletes and Komen for the Cure of any liability for any injuries or damages incurred by such team.  This includes but is not limited to coaches, players, parents (or other guests), photographers, paid personnel or volunteers.

Tournament Director reserves the right to modify tournament format or other events connected to PFTC.
If you have any questions, or need additional information, please contact: 


Important registration dates
to keep in mind:


  • ASAP- The 1st 50 teams with completed registration and requirements will be included in a bonus drawing*

  • May 12th - Deadline for 3"x3" Team photo for PFTC Digital Program Flip Book

  • May 12th - Cutoff date for team name corrections on event shirt artwork

  • May 19th - Deadline date T-shirt pre-orders

  • May 19th - Primary deadline for team ads for PFTC Digital Program Flip Book.  Be sure to check out the new options here.

*The 1st 50 teams that complete registration along with having their online roster completed, will be entered into a special drawing.  Two teams will be drawn to receive FREE event shirts for the players (up to 12 qty).  This is a prize value of approx. $145.00 for each of two teams!

Prizes will be announced prior to the shirt pre-order deadline date.

Make an online tax-deductible donation to Pitch for the Cure with your Paypal account or credit card.

Team Registration Refund Policy:


Registration fees can be refunded before our bracketing process begins.  Please keep in mind that this refers to before we -BEGIN- putting our brackets together which is a lengthy process for an event of this size.  If your team should need to withdraw after this process is underway, we hope you'll understand that your previously paid fees will be re-categorized as a donation.  At that point, as a donation it will be tax-deductible as perceived by local and federal tax laws.  For these tax purposes the Non-Profit for community Services 501(c)3 Tax Id # is:  #46-2558970.  Team Registration fees for teams that attend the event are considered payment for a service/product and therefore not tax-deductible. 


ABOUT PITCH FOR THE CURE (www.pitchforthecure.org):

Pitch for the Cure is a program of the Non-Profit for Community Athletes, a charitable organization registered in Arkansas.  This annual charity event began in 2006 and hosts girls fastpitch teams from a far-reaching regional area surrounding Northwest Arkansas.  More than 12,000 players, coaches, fans, vendors, umpires and volunteers from at least 7 states are present at each Pitch for the Cure weekend.  Six ballparks in four NWA cities are used to play out 600+ tournament games in Springdale, Fayetteville, Bentonville and Rogers, AR. 

The event is presented in special partnership with Susan G. Komen for the Cure Ozark Affiliate.  Funds raised through the event will support other programs of the Non-Profit for Community Athletes as well as Susan G. Komen for the Cure Ozark Affiliate.  These additional global ambitions assist in connecting regional youth to fight against breast cancer and empower girls to be active for change in their communities and making a difference in society.

Since creating and presenting the first event in 2006, Pitch for the Cure has raised $165,000 for Komen Ozark.  These funds include donations of at least 20
% of profits from each annual event along with donations that are specifically dedicated 100% to Komen from special weekend activities occurring at each event.


Non-Profit for Community Athletes functions as an organized sports club that encourages community service and promotes affirmative social skills along with sports skills so that our athletes are prepared to step into their future and create a positive impact in the world.  These intentions are reached by using a variety of activities to support athletes on a one-on-one basis; to attain their goals through team sports; and to give athletes and their families opportunities to shine both in and out of their sporting arenas.


501(c)3 Tax ID #46-2558970


Non-Profit for Community Athletes uses sports as a means for improving the quality of the community by promoting athleticism, volunteerism, leadership, citizenship and sportsmanship.





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